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                The CWS series statically indeterminate vibration screen

                2017-09-12 16:07:07



                Our CWS series vibrating screen, applies a combination of many sets of vibrators to reduce the large vibrations of a large vibrating screen. The overall performance of this equipment has reached advanced international, level standards. It is an ideal choice to replace imported vibrating screen products. It is suitable for various operations such as classification, dehydration, sculpting,de-sliming, etc. in a coal preparation plant.

                Technical characteristics:

                1. A uniquely designed net beam and indeterminate plate structure greatly improves the stability and reliability of the vibrating screen.

                2. A single large vibration unit is replaced bymany small ones to reduce the support load, vibrating screen load, and increase rotary motions accuracy.

                3. An indeterminate plate structure enhances the main body’s structural strength.

                4. Original Y-shape indeterminate beam structure improves the reliability of the whole screen structure.

                5. The main welded structures are treated witha stress relief process, and shot blastingis carried out on all the workpiecessurfaces.

                6. All the key components are analyzedby finiteelement analysissoftware.

                7. Long life cycle of the screen frame.

                8. Bearings and bearing seatsusea special structure to improve, bearing life andreduce noise.

                9. By usingsynchronization technology, the force can be changed by adding or reducing weighting blocks.

                10. The product structure’s functioninghas reached advanced international level standards.


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